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Originally from Essex, I returned to painting after a varied career that included Window display and photography. At the age of 65 I completed a Degree in Fine Art and have taken part in a number of mixed exhibitions.
I am now based in Devon, my work has always been influenced by the colours of the landscape, initially mixed media works in acrylic and more recently, during the Covid lockdown, in watercolour.
As a photographer my passion has always been for flowers and how light transforms them and that now includes the Devon countryside and coast. I am so lucky to be near the Jurassic Coast with its wonderful scenery and the sea around Sidmouth with its perpetually changing light and colour. The woodlands here are particularly lovely in spring when the bluebells bloom .
My paintings are mixed media using acrylics, inks and watercolours with collage, occasionally oil paint.
The most recent work of coast and countryside is in contemporary watercolour which often includes inks, gouche, pastels and pen. I started this during the beginning of the Covid Lockdown as a project and have since become fascinated with what can be achieved with watercolours. The process interests me as much as the subject matter.