Kate Rattray

Contact Information

kate@rattraymosaics.co.uk https://rattraymosaics.co.uk/

Black Barns Studios,
Gorse Blossom Farm, Staplehill Rd, Liverton, Newton Abbot TQ12 6FU

Newton Abbot glass, mixed media, mosaic, other, sculpture Teignbridge

Kate Rattray Bio

I make bold and vibrant mosaic art works in 2 and 3 dimensions. Finding inspiration in nature, religion, mythology, folk tales, magic, ecology and the apocalypse, my work often tells a story.
When working on sculptures, I challenge myself to find new ways to construct the work and explore form through various experimental techniques using wire, cement board, plaster, jesmonite, plastic and polystyrene . Once I have a bare sculpture I decorate it with a mosaic skin of glass or ceramic. I also like to incorporate wires and recycle objects such as children’s plastic toys.
Sometimes I use metal leaf to decorate some surfaces of the sculpture and I gild sheets of glass to incorporate in the mosaic skin.
I make bespoke work for clients that include wall mosaic murals for indoor and outdoor spaces and I exhibit my work nationally and internationally.

Kate Rattray Work