Jan Andrews

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5 Mathill Road,
Brixham TQ50DP

Brixham mixed media, textiles Torbay

Jan Andrews Bio

I have loved working with fabric and threads for over four decades. The texture and sheen of threads encourages me to produce work that is interesting to view and inviting to touch.
My work can range from large wall hangings through to small books, bags and even chess pieces. Each piece is designed by myself and finished to the high standards that I hold myself to. Although my starting point is fabric, I often include paper, paint and gorgeous little fragments from other media.
My work is colourful, detailed and varied with inspiration coming from travels, nature, coastline and the things in life that make me smile. I am lucky to live in the beautiful fishing port of Brixham, a location that inspires me to want to share my stories in art.

Jan Andrews Work