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Self-expression through the medium of paint becomes, sooner or later, little less than a marriage. The inmost need to create and explore becomes one with the extraordinary (sublime) world outside. So I’m madly in love. With colour, form, shape, light and everything always changing, always new.

The affair began when I was very young. I can remember one of my first ‘masterpieces’ - the painter must have been about six or seven. It was titled ‘Rain’. No doubt it’s somewhere up in the loft, still plummeting in the dark.

For the last two decades I’ve been practicing in North Devon. What could be more inspiring than the Atlantic coast, the wild moorlands, the hills and valleys - yes, they should and sing - and the vast, tree-strewn sky-lines? Nature is ever on the loose. I paint like that. In my own way, in my own time. At best, each and every day.

Finally, of course, it all comes down to the eye of the beholder: I can only hope you will see some of the things which I can, and a lot more that I can’t!


After a tear’s Foundation Course at Ravensbourne School of Art, I completed a BA in Fine Art at Winchester. A year later I went to KIAD (the Kent Institute of Art & Design) for an MA. My subject was the Scots Pine - in case you don’t know, the most beautiful tree in the world. Among other things, this took me on exhilarating ventures to Scotland, filming the Great Black Wood of Rannoch and other corners of Caledonian wilderness.

After all that, it was back to painting proper. I had exhibitions in London, Canterbury and Exeter - by this time I’d move permanently from East to West - and my life in art was established.

In recent years I’ve also started teaching, helping groups of adults better understand the world of paint - pigments, media, techniques, artists. ‘Abstract Expressionism’ has never been an easy form in North Devon, but once eyes and ears are open, WOW!

And I can’t end without mentioning ‘Castle Hill Creatives’, an assemblage of the very best of professional ‘local’ talent which I helped found in my town of Torrington during ‘lock-down’. We now put on at least two shows a year with a fast expanding reputation and great ambitions.

All of my work are originals and I am more then happy to receive commissions.

Website: www.emilyjclarkart.co.uk

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