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allison@consultrix.co.uk http://WWW.allisonmcsparron-edwardsartist.com

130 Penwill Way

Paignton drawing, painting Torbay

A McSparron-Edwards Artist Bio

Allison, runs workshops, teaches one-on-on and paints nearly all day and every day. Details of workshops are listed here: https://www.facebook.com/Paignton-Fine-Art-and-Life-Drawing-Workshops

She was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1955 and having Celtic ancestry, has always been fascinated by wild landscapes, colour and design. She has travelled extensively all over the world and been mesmerised by the ancient representational art of Greece and Rome, by the colour of paintings in Egypt, India and China and of the technical accomplishments of great artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens and Bouguereau to name but a few.

Having had a successful career as a management consultant and psychologist in the creative industries Allison decided in 2018 to focus on her own artistic endeavours. She had always sketched and painted in her spare time but recognised the need to gain technical skills in order to take her paintings to a higher level. To gain the knowledge she craved Allison read voraciously, attended international workshops run by renowned artists such as David Grey, Danny Ferland, Louis Smith, Tina Garrett and Teresa Oaxaca and practices her art at every opportunity.

Allison prefers to paint people in a representational style in oils catching the colour, beauty and symmetry of the objects, landscapes and people. Her ambition is to try and capture some psychological aspect of her subjects in her paintings and to then portray that to her viewers. Her favourite paintings are imbued with colour and have bold designs. To Allison applying paint to a canvas feels a bit like caressing the form she is viewing and so portraiture to her feels a bit like a tactile endeavour. Interestingly Alison approaches landscape paintings in the same way because she sees them as a snap shot of the world we live in and wants to capture the very essence of that moment in colour and form.

Allison is keen to accept portrait commissions either painted from life (preferably) or photographs if appropriate.

A McSparron-Edwards Artist Work

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