Event Date: 16th Jul 2022 - 13th Aug 2022

Whittling with children. A two day course for adults working with children … £170

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th August

This practical two day course is for home educators, parents, grandparents and all adults interested in how to teach children whittling and basic woodwork skills in a creative and safe way. My background is in sculpture and creative education and I enjoy showing and encouraging educators how working with wood can become a tool to discover the world of sculpture. Experience shows that practical, hands on, skill building activities support children’s development and self confidence.

The core of this workshop is the artistic whittling of various projects, all suitable for children to make. I will show and explain how to use and sharpen the tools. In a further stage I show how you can teach and demonstrate your skills to the children. By the end of the workshop you will have made a number of projects that you will take home, together with the skills and knowledge for you to make these with children.

Let me know about your interest and I can take this into account in the course.

Please bring your own lunch, I will provide hot drinks.

To book: art.almutwoolard@gmail.com