Torbay Grant Venues – part of Devon Open Studios

Event Date: 10th Sep 2022 - 25th Sep 2022

Torbay Venues. Supported by Artizan Collective

The Torbay Bursaries are sponsored by Artizan Gallery, an independent fine art gallery promoting Devon artists from their venues on the English Riviera. As part of this work, for Devon Open Studios 2022, they have funded ten bursaries to artists from Torquay, Paignton and Brixham including one full fee bursary and venue hosting in their home gallery on Lucius Street.
The bursaries were awarded to a diverse range of artists with working studios in Torbay to support engagement with the annual event.
This years awards and venues are:
Gesche Buecker: Venue 77
Mark Bell: Venue 79
Rhian Wyn Harrison: Venue 80
Rose Elliott: Venue 82
Catherine Bedford: Venue 82
Lee Pover: Venue 83
Susan Purser Hope: Venue 85
Claire Harmer: Venue 74
Ashely Raddon: Venue 72
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