The Scream

Olesya Dzhuraeva

Leading Ukrainian Printmaker #UkraineSupportPledge.

“I work slowly. This is a laborious process, cutting a large piece of linoleum, even without depicting anything, takes a lot of time. And if you imagine I have lines that intersect, overlap, it means I cut this piece linoleum up and down at least three or four times, because the tone depends on the number of intersections. The more intersections, the brighter the print. Therefore, in order to not lose the dark and its gradation to white, I cut and print. As a result, I get a lot of proof prints, while working on the matrix, which gives the opportunity to follow what is happening with the form while I work.”

There can be little doubt that Olesya Dzhuraeva is the leading printmaker in Ukraine. She lives and works in Kiev. Although she has had to flee with her family in recent days to escape the Russian encirclement of the city.

Working in mostly linoprint (working mostly with salvaged materials that date back to the soviet era), Olesya produces highly detailed and often haunting street scenes as can be seen here in her print.

About ‘The Scream’:

“My workshop is a place of power, a place where my ideas and thoughts are physically embodied. Art in any of its manifestations is such a thing that you cannot get out of your head, leave at work or in the workshop. These thoughts live with me. I constantly think about things that excite me. And the place where they take shape is here, in my workshop.”

The Scream is being exhibited as part of Artizan Collective’s English Riviera Print Exhibition contributed from the collection of Ian Cox, and will be auctioned to raise funds for Olesya and her family.