Caught in the Imagination by Phillippa Mills and Eleanor Tallowin


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07775611635 + 07511459644
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Glendarah Studios, Glendarah, Lower Street Chagford, TQ13 8BZ
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TQ13 8BZ
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Access up ramped driveway from road.
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@eleanortallowin + @phillippamills
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Eleanor Tallowin @eleanortallowin Phillippa Mills @phillippamills
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Phillippa Mills is an artist based in Devon & studied originally at Camberwell College of Arts, London. Her painterly approach to classical illustration carries a cohort of visual cross reference & memory, influenced among other things by childhood storybooks, high fashion & rooting through hedgerows in the wilds of Dartmoor. Her idiosyncratic lines bring subjects to life, alluding to the curious narratives they suggest. In her work she seeks to capture the pertinent emotion of her whimsical subjects who often display an air of pathos & unsettling beauty. Eleanor is an encaustic artist who was brought up on the edge of Dartmoor. She has always been fascinated with and drawn to the rugged beauty and mystical wilderness of the moors. The vast landscapes with their ever-changing skies and scenery have influenced many of her paintings. She has developed an expressive style of painting using rich and vivid colours. She paints using a heated dry iron and pigmented wax blocks. The wax is melted onto the surface of the iron and applied to paper using sweeping motions. Detail is added using either the tip of the iron or a stylus with a heated nib end. Eleanor loves working with a liquid medium as every piece she creates is spontaneous and unique; the wax allows a level of control, but due to its fluid nature can often have a mind of its own. Eleanor has exhibited her work in solo shows as well as combined exhibitions with other artists in Shropshire, Devon and London. She is currently based in the historic market town of Chagford on Dartmoor, which has a rich history of artists, artisans and makers.
Phillippa uses a painterly approach to classical illustration which carries a cohort of visual cross reference & memory, influenced by childhood storybooks, high fashion & rooting through hedgerows in the wilds of Dartmoor. Eleanor is an encaustic artist who's work draws on the rugged beauty of Dartmoor and the vivid colours of southwest coastlines.


As you come into Chagford Glendarah is on the lefthand side up a steep short drive and the studio is in the former coach house to the right of the main house.
There is free car park in the new Bellacouche estate.
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