Print in Action – Creative Intersections 

Experience “Print in Action – Creative Intersections” on Saturday, February 24th. A day packed with talks, demonstrations, exhibitions, and knowledge-sharing sessions led by local artists and makers who are pushing boundaries in their practice. The day concludes with a panel discussion exploring creative intersections within the city. 

The day will showcase the powerful results of blending creative practices with technology and science, spanning from traditional methods like screen printing and letterpress to innovative applications in mental health and well-being, as well as digital technologies in traditional printmaking. 

Creative Intersections Line-up 

Alan Qualtrough & Tim Saunders, Becky Dodman Wainwright, Sue Lewry, Matt Holmes, Ethan Pennell, Llyr Davies. 

Panelist Discussion: Stephen Felmingham, Chris Bennewith, Victoria Pomery, James Mackenzie-Blackman, Lindsey Hall 

Real Art Make Print (RAMP) at Ocean Studios has organised the day as part of the Print in Action programme to explore the arts, printmaking and crafts and their impact on individuals and communities.  

Saturday 24th February – 10am – 8pm  

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