Painting East Devon’s Jurassic Coast

Last chance to catch the exhibition! Ends 23 July 2022.

Exhibition at Ocean in Exmouth of expressive seascapes by Exmouth artist Angie Seaway with her coordinating book, workshops and illustrated talks.

An artistic journey through geology, weather and locations across East Devon. Painted over six months in all weathers, these paintings are a celebration of the unique Jurassic coastline of East Devon. Accompanying the exhibition will be a new book to purchase recording the catalogue of works together with notes from Angie’s sketchbook. 

This exhibition coordinates with FRESH! Devon Artist Network. Angie Seaway is a member of Devon Artist Network.

Venue: Ocean, Queens Drive, Exmouth EX8 2AY.

Including coordinating illustrated talks and workshops exploring painting ‘en plein air’.

Angie Seaway is an Expressive Landscape artist. She studied Fine Art at Plymouth University and lives just minutes from the East Devon coastline in Exmouth. She paints her response to the influence of the ever-changing elements on the South West landscape. Her paintings reflect the impact of the weather on the scene she is portraying and the dance between sea, sand and sky and her emotional and expressive reaction to it. She works in a dynamic way, always starting to paint ‘en plein air’, out in the environment. Paint is poured over lines of charcoal and ink with pigments, glazes and texture being added as she works.