Of Line and Form – Featuring works of Kirsten Lavers and Sarah Strachen

Event Date: 9th Jul 2022 - 30th Jul 2022

Joining us in our Garden Gallery are two artists each of whom have exhibited with us before, but usually participating in larger group shows.
Although both based in Cambridgeshire this will be the first time that Kirsten Lavers and Sarah Strachan have exhibited together, following an invitation from Artizan to be part of their 2022 Bursary programme.
Sarah explores her ideas through printmaking, painting and ceramics and is interested in how perception affects our ecological awareness and thinking. Working with clay (manufactured, recycled or wild) allows her to explore issues of materiality and sustainability.
Her work seeks to disrupt habitual perspectives through the liminality of the objects and spaces she creates. She often fuses sound and/or moving images into final installations of her work as in Objects listening which was recently exhibited at the British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke on Trent.
Kirsten has been a professional artist since 1991 when she graduated from Dartington College of Art, Devon, with a first class degree in Art and Social Contexts.
Admitting the Possibilities of Error is an ongoing series of conceptual drawings which she began in 2013, each of which marks a different circumstance or event – some quotidian – the happenstance of an accidental mark, the line produced by a particular pen, others momentous: turning sixty, a solar eclipse, the war in Ukraine. Beginning with the outline of a circle, which she tries to copy perfectly, each forms a meditation on fallibility; ‘I am not perfect, my mind wanders, my hand wobbles, I make mistakes. In creating them I admit errors, giving my limitations latitude and celebrating the resulting patterns, recalling as they do fingerprints, tree rings or map contours. Rather than frustration, realising them brings me focus, humility and comfort.’
In contemporary culture mistakes are largely regarded as a source of shame, to be compensated for, erased and regretted. A less punitive approach – one that holds human error tenderly – allows instead for the idea that our failings can support growth, discovery, learning and change. Kirsten shares these drawings to open conversations about mistakes, their impact upon us, upon others, upon the world. ‘My wish is that they will act as a catalyst for conversation, reflection and hope’.
The exhibition will be featured in our Garden Gallery alongside our two other exhibitions in the remaining spaces.
9 – 30 July, Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 5pm
Launch 8 July 6 – 8pm
For more information visit:  https://www.art-hub.co.uk/ex/form22