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As an animal lover and owner, I have endlessly drawn animals from as early as I can remember. I studied anatomy by borrowing and drawing skulls from the local museum. I won my first national competition at the age of 10 and had a major exhibition. ​I mostly draw dogs, horses and cats but am happy to draw all kinds of animals.

I have been influenced by the animal work of George Stubbs and his anatomy work particularly with horses. I’ve been painting animals on commission for about 30 years and have had orders from numerous people around the world, including large companies and have been featured on TV. I support my local animal shelter by gifting a pet portrait as a prize. I occasionally run art workshops to help share the skills I’ve learnt in pastels.

I went to art college in Southampton where I specialised in printmaking. I enjoyed the creative process of making pictures in so many different ways.

I’ve always suffered with my mental health and try to capture something of what it is like by creating inspirational pictures digitally. These images attempt to challenge and evoke both my Christian faith and shared human emotions. I hope you find them thought provoking.

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