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tina@shaldonpotterystudio.com http://www.shaldonpotterystudio.com Shaldon ceramics, jewellery, sculpture Teignbridge

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I work from a small studio close to the estuary edge. Hand-building with slab and coil methods (using mostly white or black stoneware) I often leave sections unglazed, or decorate with matte tactile finishes.
I'm also licensed to hand-dig and process a limited amount of local wild clay which is used as a slip, a glaze addition and as a clay body on smaller items. I love working with this iron-rich red clay which is very locally sourced, being harvested less that 100 metres from my studio!

My pieces are formed intuitively and often with abstract representation. Elements of the local coast, wild estuary and working port often emerge, in particular the ever changing silvery estuary tide and rugged textures of the surrounding natural landscapes.
Remembered fragments of my wandering travels, my playful inner child and a career working therapeutically with people are also key influences, often seen reflected in characters, metaphor and suggested emotion.

The Words & Pictures Gallery in Teignmouth stocks my work and I exhibit at local ceramics and artisan craft events. I also run occasional 'project-based' workshops for those who don't wish to follow a weekly course

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