Tim Gee

Contact Information

tim@timgeeceramics.co.uk http://www.timgeeceramics.co.uk Plymouth ceramics Plymouth

Tim Gee Bio

Tim Gee is a potter working exclusively with Audrey Blackman porcelain in a love affair with clay that began in 1995.
The haptic nature and precise craftsmanship of his practice echo the attention to detail he applied to his former career as chef/pâtissier.
His unique thrown vessels display richly textured, tactile surfaces that demand to be touched: these glazes have been developed by Tim through many years of research and are applied in multiple layers during multiple firings. The forms interiors meanwhile, draw the eye with their smooth glossy and colourful glazes.

The artist’s work has won a variety of prizes and been exhibited throughout the UK and abroad.

Tim Gee Work