Susan Purser Hope

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Susan Purser Hope Bio

Susan Purser Hope is a Brixham based artist who uses fused glass to create works that are both 2 and 3 dimensional. She moved to Devon 18 months ago and is fascinated by the landscape and the extraordinary natural forms and geology that now surround her.

Susan has an unusual approach to fused glass. Susan makes her own pieces of patterned glass using a variety of glass elements such as glass powders, frits, stringers, confetti, paints, coloured glass and decals. After fusing these panels they are cut up into different shapes and then positioned and fused onto a back glass to create a jigsaw effect image. Finally, this form is grouted with a glass mixture and fired again, creating a unified piece of work that has many different aspects and artistic twists to capture and captivate the onlooker.

Ammonites Collection
Susan is fascinated by ammonite forms and their journey through history. Ammonites lie buried for millennia only to reappear in a form that is a ghostly echo of their original forms. The Ammonite Range addresses this return by imagining the thousands of seasons that they have lain dormant in the rock, now land based rather than part of the evolutionary seascape. Each piece celebrates the colours of the seasons that they have been shut away from but can once again experience as they are exposed to the sun light and natural elements once again.

The Glass House Collection
The pandemic saw us all confined to our homes and local environs. One of the major sensations that I missed was the excitement and enjoyment of travelling to and enjoying other landscapes, buildings and societies. This is the first of a series of Glass Houses that I intend to create that will celebrate places that I miss or that I will now probably never get to physically see.

Seaward Collection
“The Shoal - Seaward Bound” is the first of a series of fish based freestanding works. These will capture the essence of movement amongst the currents and tides that fish live within. The collection will highlight the fragility of our relationship with the sea and the delicate balance between searching for food and exploiting such a natural and beautiful resource.

Susan also runs a range of workshops enabling everyone to experience the magic of glass!

Susan Purser Hope Work