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I am a printmaker who works predominantly with lino, employing a combination of multi-block and reduction printing to produce spacious landscapes inspired by estuary, marsh, coast and moor. Reduction printing is a challenging discipline because, as the process progresses, the lino block is gradually destroyed as subsequent layers are cut away. This leaves little room for error and ensures no further prints can be made once the edition is complete.
I am particularly interested in skies and clouds and these provide the focus of his images, the cloudscape often informing the overall composition of the completed print. For me the challenge is to render distant vistas and ethereal skies using a medium usually associated with bold blocks of colour. I achieve this by either lightening colours with white or thinning them with extender. The end result is prints which could be described as having a ‘painterly’ quality.
Relief printmaking is not a spontaneous discipline. The creation of my prints is a painstaking, frustrating, frequently complicated and an occasionally unsuccessful exercise using a medium not entirely suited to rendering the ephemeral nature of clouds! I should really be a watercolourist but loves the combination of craft and fine art printmaking offers.
I am member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen,Make Southwest and the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts.

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