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My secondary school Art teacher, the late Dennis Hook, felt I was talented enough to enrol in an Art college (having passed O'level Art a year early) and eventually exhibit in the RA but, having traditional working-class parents and not knowing what the Royal Academy was at the time, I was encouraged to "get a proper job!"

Over the years I dabbled in Pencil drawing and Oil portrait painting, mainly for pleasure; eventually I gave up altogether due to work and family life but since suffering a stroke during open heart surgery two years ago my regular hobbies had to cease.

A wonderful friend, seeing some of my previous art work, encouraged me to "think positive"; and rekindle an old skill; directing me to an online Watercolour painting course.

It was extremely good advice and I now have a more positive outlook on the future; hopefully improving and developing my painting skills along the way.

I have a website that has a Gallery page showing my watercolours for sale
And sometimes I have a stall in Tavistock's Butcher's Hall - dates are on my website.

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