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Sally Mareike Ceramics Bio

I love making pottery as it gives me a sense of peace, tranquillity and grounding when I connect with clay. I have been crafting pots for over 30 years, with a passion for stoneware and earthenware, using slab and coil building techniques. Inspiration comes directly from Mother Nature and all her textures, forms, colours, rustic nature and imperfections. My pieces are functional and decorative, very tactile and often have several textures and colours to sense and enjoy. You’ll find a mixture of oxides and glazes and unglazed textured areas for contrast. All glazed items are safe for use with food, dishwashers and microwaves.

Spiritual symbols may be used, from my spiritual energy healing practice, as well as historical cultural symbols from areas of the world where I have lived, visited or feels connected to, like Zimbabwe, South East Asia, Australasia and South America. I have just moved to Bow, near Crediton, in Devon where I aim to set up a new studio to work from and run lessons and workshops! My most popular pieces are from her Bee Hive, Seaside and Autumn Leaf collections, which range from £6 for tiny ornaments to £600 for a sculptural water feature.

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