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rhian@rhianwynharrison.com http://www.rhianwynharrison.com PAIGNTON drawing, mixed media Torbay

Rhian Wyn Harrison Bio

Rhian is an artist and illustrator who works from her home studio in Paignton. In a previous life she was a graphic designer and typographer working within the design industry in Warwickshire, before moving to Devon in 1997.
Creating lively and colourful mixed media illustrations, Rhian repurposes old books, newspapers and maps as both the backgrounds and the inspiration for her work, with a nod towards her design career. Her challenge is always to find an unexpected interpretation between word and image. Rhian draws straight onto the vintage papers, then enhances with ink, gouache and soft pastels, finally adding add a sprinkle of wit with hand-stamped lettering.
Her distinct style lends itself to many subjects and themes. Rhian has built an extensive local following, successfully exhibiting at a number of Devon galleries, including Delamore Arts, SWAc Open and Torre Abbey.

Original art can be purchased, as well as bespoke commissions and archival prints.

Rhian Wyn Harrison Work