Paul Stretton-Stephens

Contact Information Exmouth digital, mixed media, photography East Devon

Paul Stretton-Stephens Bio

Hello, I'm Paul Stretton-Stephens and I create Visual Art through my mixed media, digital paintings, and photography all of which are available as an art print or a photography print for your enjoyment.

Each of my mixed media pieces has been carefully sketched and composed with a selection of fabrics and occasionally some small accessories. These have then been photographed and digitally enhanced with a bespoke palette.

My photography is currently focused on, but not limited to, my collection of Coastal Life photographs. And my digital art is subtle and explosive where I aim to create bold, compelling images for the home and /or work setting. You can find my work on my website and at My Studio at Saatchi Art:
Thank you for taking the time to read my bio.

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