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For many years I have been attracted by the exploration of the parallels between music and painting. Through Goethe, Wagner, Ruskin, Debussy, Kandinsky to Klee and countless others who made work within this realm of speculative aesthetics.

I use musical theory and structure as a template to produce visual works of art, infusing the same dynamics and expressiveness which exists in music onto the marks being made.

Firstly, the division of the surface into equal parts creates a rhythm or pulse. Just like in music, the maths begins to play an important part in those divisions. Four beats to the bar, different time signatures, ..etc.

Then, within those dividual spaces, individual elements take shape. Again just like in music, those individual marks have a melody and texture which can be loud or whispering, increasing and decreasing in strength and work in harmony or counterpoint with the marks around it.

Our western minds are conditioned to read the marks like text, from left to right. But it is the beauty of the grid, so ancient and contemporary at the same time, that enables the viewer to deviate from this path and, like free-form jazz, go off on their own journey through the marks. Vertically, diagonally or in small blocks.

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