Octavia Madden

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octaviahm@hotmail.co.uk http://www.octaviamadden.com Ottery St Mary drawing, painting, printmaking East Devon

Octavia Madden Bio

Octavia Madden is painter and printmaker based in East Devon. In 2023 she graduated with a First Class Fine Art degree from Aberystwyth University School of Art and recently attended the Royal Drawing School's Drawing Intensive Term in London.

Octavia's work explores light, dark and colour. Fundamental to this is her investigation of the properties of paint itself. The landscape, and the human presence within the landscape, are captured through pattern, motif, colour and layering. Through these visual qualities, the concepts of physical space, a sense of place and the feeling of belonging are considered. Octavia responds to her visual surroundings in an abstract, expressionistic and representational way in her contemporary exploration of landscape.

Octavia Madden Work