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Nic George Art Bio

Nic hails from Neath in South Wales. He moved to Exmouth in 1987 to study Primary Art Education at Rolle College and quickly fell in love with the sea and surrounding areas. On the most dramatic of days, Nic can be found windsurfing off Exmouth beach or exploring the hills on his mountain bike. These are the times that inspire him the most and provide the influence for his dramatic work which captures the tone and movement of both sea and land.
His work predominantly uses acrylic on canvas with an intense process which involves layering of paint to create works with great atmosphere.
While being an artist is a huge passion for Nic, he spends a great deal of his time on his art consultancy business which involves leading art education projects, teacher training events, community art projects and teaching art to a variety of groups. Nic undertakes a very diverse range of roles which enables him to express his passion for the visual arts to a wide audience.

Nic George Art Work