Nancy Murgatroyd Ceramic Artist & Printmaker

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My personal practice is about a search to express my truths and dreams in an interesting and approachable way.

​Our interactions with the world extend way beyond our physical boundaries and everything around us affects our lives. We are not islands, energy flows in and out, ideas, feeling and dreams permeate our lives and our surroundings. My images explore those thoughts and interactions in a whimsical way with shapes and patterns that have been universal for thousands of years. Stories told through images and words, free spirits reflected on the page or the pot.

​Drawing an image, cutting and printing a lino, scratching sgraffito on clay all bring ideas out of obscurity to the point where they can be shared and released. In themselves the processes can be revealing, cathartic, soothing, energising and satisfying. Executing these crafts can also be infuriating, frustrating and confusing.

My helpers are my press, my kiln and my engineer, problem solving partner.

​My ceramics are hand formed from stoneware clay. Current decorative techniques are sgraffito and the application of drawings re-created as unique transfers.

Prints use monoprint and linocut techniques usually printed on a heavy, handmade Somerset papers.

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