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My journey with clay started about 6 years ago and continues to evolve. I started by attending some evening classes at a local pottery and was instantly hooked! When I work with clay, everything disappears. I am totally enchanted.

My work is all wheel thrown and is a mixture of functional and also more decorative items which are fired outdoors in a barrel. This gives a variety of smoke effects with each piece being unique and unable to be replicated.

My work is a practice of loving, nurturing and creating something into being, then totally letting go of all expectations and attachments (at least I try) as that piece enters the kiln or fire and is transformed into something new and often unexpected.

Pottery provides a place of calm and a creative outlet for a variety of emotions such as frustration and self worth. Ceramics now helps me to feel more connected to the earth, to my body and it supports my mental wellness.

It helps me to center myself.

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