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Ever since I was little, I wanted to create, and help people; it took a few years to realise the two could go hand in hand... I am fortunate enough to spend my days making beautiful artworks and homewares in my little sea-view studio, and sharing my work with wonderful people who need it.​ I specialise in cyanotype, with passions for painting, drawing, poetry and making.

Much of my work stems from cathartic processes where I explore femininity, boundaries, self-worth and affirmations; I make art for people... whoever you are, and I hope it resonates.

My chaotic creativity thrives on the nature around me; drawing inspiration from the coast and countryside of Devon, bringing the outside in, and finding new ways to capture it for forever. You will often find me twirling in the woods, visiting friends' farms, picking flowers and connecting to the things that feed my soul, and fuel my creativity.

I passionately believe that art is therapy and it should be utilised and celebrated as such! There is art that is purely aesthetic, art born from pain, and art that makes you feel, think... and sometimes helps you escape. I seek a balance of these, embracing the whimsical and the woe, and unapologetically showcasing them side by side.

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