Kushuma Holyoak

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kushuma@yahoo.co.uk http://www.kushumaholyoak.co.uk Gidleigh mixed media, painting West Devon

Kushuma Holyoak Bio

I have always spent a considerable part of my life wandering on the land.
There is so much splendour – diversity – brilliance – wonderful things happening at all times.
Nature expresses itself whether noticed or not - quietly it carries on and on -  the waves keep coming in – flowers blossom - and all the time colour meets colour over and over again, as the light change occurs.
To be in life alongside the beauty that surrounds me inspires me every day - it brings me to the point of attempting to express that joy through mark making and painting.
As a small child I remember the quiet pleasure of simply ‘looking’ — fortunately I was allowed to spend many hours painting, which I have continued to do throughout my life.
At this point in time there still seems to be so much to express and share, whether it be still life or abstract landscape.

I am an international artist working and living on Dartmoor.

Kushuma Holyoak Work