Kevin Tharme

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Having run an IT company for over thirty years I made the decision to go for a complete change. I have always had a hankering to put brush to canvas, so why

I am currently concentrating on painting impressionistic and abstract work using different mediums. I have 'played around' with realism, for which my dog seems to have suffered the most. I may do more in the future. For now, my aim is to continue
to learn by experimentation and to enjoy the process.

Living just outside Tavistock I use The Tamar Valley, Dartmoor and the surrounding areas in Devon and Cornwall to gain new inspiration, with an occasional foray into earlier travels that I have taken around the UK and abroad. My work often references issues concerning climate, climate change and sustainability, both directly and indirectly.

Please feel able to contact me to discuss ‘print’ options, commissions and/or further information.

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