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kflm55@icloud.com http://www.katelyonsmiller.com

Holwell Studio, Widecombe in the Moor, Newton Abbot, Devon

Bovey Tracey ceramics Teignbridge

Kate Lyons-Miller Ceramics Bio

My studio is on Dartmoor, as I work in this landscape, I understand it more all the time; weather, animal movement, people use, plant growth and dieback, seasonality, bird and animal populations, continual change. The moor is strong and enduring, evidenced by the tors resisting erosion, but fragile too, a delicate eco-system, carefully nurtured.

The things I make are connected back and forth to place I work in, emmeshed, I am an artist. I notice things. Minutiae, the tiny insects under the mosses, the colours and textures of lichens, the way the sheep passing create paths and leave skeins of wool on brambles. Big things too, skies, clear or clouded, the wide moorland landscape lying back to endure harsh weather, or to breathe the soft spring air.

My vessels express my emotional connection to this place, impregnated with ideas and emotions. Controlled uncontrol and femininity in the form, I use clays and minerals gathered on my walks on the pot surfaces, and within the clay body. I am exploring the geology, mineralogy, ecology and human occupancy of Dartmoor as I work; I like to think of a ceramic piece as history in the hand.

‘In the case of ceramics, we are brought everywhere face to face with the root.’ Rawson, P. 1971

I work and teach in my studio, and on site. I completed part-time study towards an MA in Ceramic Design at BathSpa University in 2021

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