Kasia Turajczyk

Contact Information

kasia.b.turajczyk@gmail.com http://kasiaturajczyk.art

Alma House, Halwill Junction, Beaworthy, EX21 5XW

Halwill Junction, Beaworthy digital, drawing, mixed media, painting Torridge

Kasia Turajczyk Bio

I work in diverse styles and with various themes. I love abstract landscapes, geometric abstracts, and cosmic- abstracts and pure abstracts. I adore fantasy, surreal art and imaginary realism. I also like to paint more conventional modern landscapes with a touch of magic. Sporadically, I love creating big, surreal drawings.
There is one other genre I like vis Portraits with a touch of surreal, imaginative aspects, sometimes dark, funny or light and always mysterious. It is the way a painted image of somebody should be created. We all have secret spots in our souls, aren’t we? I do it only in commission. Primarily, they are oil paintings, some acrylics, pastels and a few watercolours.

Kasia Turajczyk Work