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julianhw@hotmail.com https://www.deviantart.com/julian-s-wright Torquay painting Torbay

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I have the luxury of creating what I like and what interests or excites me, and I love to experiment. I mainly paint with acrylics, sometimes oil, more often now 'mixed' media. I sometimes create 3D pieces out of discarded and recycled material when I have enough items to do so.
My only consistency is my inconsistency. I have painted using a variety of items such as kitchen implements, glass, sometimes anything that comes close to hand. Oh, I do paint a lot with brushes (more consistency) and my hands (more fun). I am a member of Devon Art Society and the Torbay Guild of Artists.
I started out as a digital artist and occasionally still ‘dabble’ with it but much prefer getting very messy with tangible pieces.
I now paint under my full name but I've also painted under Julian S Wright which has confused some people particularly as I have won awards using both The reason I reverted to my full name was simply due to payments for artwork because my bank would not recognise the shortened version!

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