Jordan Eastwood

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Woodovis House

Tavistock digital, drawing, painting, sculpture West Devon

Jordan Eastwood Bio

Jordan Eastwood is an emerging artist from Devon, in the UK.

"I think that by using art to portray people and how they think, you can help make sense of yourself and everyone around you.”

Eastwood draws most of his inspiration from philosophy and psychology, including his own personal experiences of feelings of isolation and ongoing struggles with mental health. His main focus of study is people, creating distorted and expressive portraits and drawings of figures in an attempt to better understand them and the world around him.

Eastwood is a mostly self taught artist. He works primarily with pastels and charcoal to create his designs which are united by their use of dramatic lighting and a deep atmosphere. Each piece begins with gestural marks which are then developed through a combination of blending and bolder marks. The final product achieves a high level of realism that is contrasted with abstract details.

Eastwood also creates online video classes on the topic of 'Becoming a Better Artist, Faster' which you can find on the website Skillshare.

Jordan Eastwood Work