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Johanna McWeeney is a self-taught artist working in oils. She paints intuitively, focusing on symbolism, childish/childlike expression and uses self-portraiture to express and process common human emotions. Painting becomes an almost spiritual path, or at least a retrospective map of the journey.

Johanna explores ideas of potential, creative expression and colour. Painting becomes a cathartic and complimentary opposite to the exacting demands of perfectionism.

The underlying motivation behind the work is to create a more beautiful world.

Exhibitions include Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021 (Reclaiming Magic), Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, Espacio Gallery, London and Powderham Art Gallery, Exeter.

“Johanna McWeeney’s work reminds one of the well-regarded ties between music and art. Her lyrical compositions flow onto Art Nouveau like imageries. The self-portraits that center her work evoke a sense of contemplation and a tinge of melancholy. Floral motifs saturate the background and envelope the figures, reminding one of the stylistic distinguishments of The Nabis. The wavy, eel-like curves of the flowers and the decorative considerations further delineate the same. The lettering of the halo almost reminds one works by Alphonse Mucha, while the rendition of repetitive motifs is like those in Japanese woodblock art. The inclusion of gold leafing in conjunction with the same reminds one of the Viennese Secessionist member Gustave Klimt.” — N-Y Art News

“Great art, a panacea for the soul, and a hug on the wall.”
Carolyn Seager, Galleries and Events Organiser, The Castle, Bude

Johanna McWeeney Work