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jaynefarleigh@gmail.com http://www.jaynefarleigh.co.uk

The Studio, 41a Gestridge Road, Kingsteignton, Devon, TQ12 3EZ

Kingsteignton drawing, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking Teignbridge

Jayne Farleigh Art Bio

In her landscape paintings Jayne is looking for a connection of energy between the sky, water and earth. She is showing the viewer the power running through the layers of the scene before her. We often see what is happening above ground level. Jayne is exploring the energy beneath our feet. How the light and water feed this energy, which in turn keeps the life cycle going.

‘It is important for me that I don’t just put everything I see in a painting. I also put everything I feel. When I paint, I am looking for something that I consider ordinary, that I take for granted everyday. There are moments when this ordinary is at its most wonderful. There is magic every day. Thats is what I would like people to stop and see.’

Jayne studied GCSE and A level art and then went on to work in retail and window dressing.
In 2008 when she had her first child she began to study with the artist, Daniel Stone (RCA)MA. In recent years her work has been selected for exhibitions by the Royal West Academy Bristol, The Society Women Artists and the ING Discerning Eye, London.

Jayne runs painting and sketching workshops for adults and children from her studio and also en plein air.
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Jayne Farleigh Art Work