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janey.hunt@gmail.com http://www.janeyhunt.uk


Totnes drawing, other, painting South Hams

Janey Hunt Bio

I now have gone full circle in my art practice and come back to using charcoal with the new addition of pastels in a painterly manner. I still do life drawing where I started both as an excercise and inspiration for my landscapes. I have a Phd In fine art practice in the field of participatory arts.

Now I draw the land and fields, aiming towards semi-abstract landscapes. My observation of field shapes is affected by contours of the landscape, historical field patterns and modern farming, old estate maps and archaeological drawings. My art is what I see and feel about that place and may not be recognisable to anyone else. It is a play of mark making, texture, tone and colour.

With life drawings I’m not interested in the body as beauty, my life drawing is a means of getting inside the pose, examining what the body is doing and how it feels. I often leave residual marks from my initial mark making, wiped or rubbed away I didn’t like or wanted , as part of the final drawing. They form part of the whole.

I work in charcoal and pastels as I like to use my hands and to feel the medium and the paper. I use my inspiration of the place and my materials to puzzle out the emerging picture.

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