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info@janehodgson.co.uk https://janehodgson.co.uk/

Near Bovey Tracey, Devon, UK

Bovey Tracey painting Teignbridge

Jane Hodgson Bio

My new series is called: Complexity and Calm, is inspired by the landscape, both man-made and natural. I am a colourist who has embraced the simplicity of stripes, balance, intricacy and harmony that reflects our earth and our humanity.

We experience many emotions just being in the landscape, man-made or natural; the landscape is not ours to tame but to experience. There are no references to a specific place in my work, but each painting comes from somewhere in my travels: India, Africa, Dartmoor, South Devon coastlines, New Zealand.

I aim to evoke stories in the minds of the viewer; my work is not laying out the story it is nudging memories, the viewer is making their own narrative.

Complex layers and textures and words distill the essence of what I see to create work that challenge the viewer to what it is to be alive, on our earth in 2022.

Jane Hodgson Work