Jack Tree

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tribeofmog@gmail.com http://www.tribeofmog.org Totnes carving, furniture, jewellery, metal, mixed media, sculpture, wood South Hams

Jack Tree Bio

Jack Tree was born within the fringes of old Sherwood Forest then raised in the heart of Kernow. He now wanders a little… spending a lot of time in the company of trees, living, working and climbing his way around the wild wood.
A self-taught whittling woodcarver inspired from the visible & invisible natural world.
Fascinated with the resplendent structure of trees & their unique natural growths. His work often takes the imagination through into the subconscious realms of primeval myths, folk tales & legends. Combining beautiful wood with other different natural materials such as Bone, Seed, Fossils, ceramic & stone, various Metals, Mirror, Glass, Crystals & Gems.
Shaping unique bowls & Mirrors following natures lines, sculpting surreal totem heads & masks.
Producing beautiful unique jewellery pieces. Specialised Walking sticks, staffs & ambulation aids often personalised to the individual.
Assembling distinct Rustic furniture, Growing & carving chairs.
Creating often grotesque, odd & strangely beautiful cryptozoology Creatures. Curating, writing stories inventing different worlds for them to exist.
Constant creator of different pieces of original art using many mediums.
A Treebaba, happy embersmith, pyro tattooist, curious taxidermist experimenter, handy with a whittling knife …also the odd chainsaw.

Jack Tree Work

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