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My name is Ieuan Holt, I am watercolour painter based in the ‘sunny’ seaside town of Plymouth, located in the southwest of England.

My journey into the world of watercolours has been a recent one that started in July 2021 after leaving the Merchant Navy. Even though my time spent painting has been short, I have found it deeply fulfilling.

The aim of my art is to show how beauty can be found even in the darkest of places, a visible representation of how mental health can be expressed through the medium of watercolours.

The process that each one of my paintings undergoes is one that is not bound to pencilled features or drawn horizons, but one that exists only within the moment of painting and the landscape that appears within my mind. Each painting is a reflection of a past and present emotional state. Every brush stroke, to the way in which the paint is applied is embodied within the singular moment, informed by the flow of emotion. The ambiguity and intentional lack of disenable features allows the viewer to infer their own meanings to the colours and formations of the paint on the paper.

Whilst this process is freeing, it has also taught me how to recover from the imperfections that might occur during painting and how to make them beautiful; an idea that lies at the core of my artwork and one which I have had to personally conquer. It is my goal to show that life can come from the loam, be it in art or in oneself.

You can find my more recent work on my Instagram, @painting_from_the_Loam

If you are interested in any of my work please do not hesitate in contacting.

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