Hazel Hindle

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hazelstaceash@yahoo.co.uk https://www.hazelhglass.co.uk

Blackpost Lane

Totnes glass, painting South Hams

Hazel Hindle Bio

I trained at the Central School of Art and Design in London in ceramics and stained glass and have since discovered the delights that can be achieved through using reactive glass to create magical effects and definition. I find the richness and depth of colour that glass imparts when using both transparent and opaque endlessly fascinating. Recently I’ve started using stacks of glass to create an optical effect which distorts patterns and creates rhythmical shapes in my fused pieces. I then slumped them into dishes, plates or bowls.
I am looking towards having small groups in my studio for day courses next year.
My work can be seen and purchased through my website: https://www.hazelhglass.co.uk
Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Hazel Hindle Work