Gill Melling

Contact Information Newton St Cyres, Exeter drawing, installation, mixed media, paper, sculpture Mid Devon

Gill Melling Bio

I am an artist whose work crosses a number of genres from site specific installation, community facilitation to 2 and 3d mixed media works. I have a PhD in Fine Art and have worked as a garden designer and mental health community worker for a number of years alongside my art practice.

It is sometimes hard to see what binds ones work together, but looking back a common thread through my personal creative explorations seems to have been trace, rupture and 'Differrance'.

I respond to my context in an intuitive way, making pieces that reflect the interplay between an emotional connection or gut reaction, understanding of context and research through the repeated manipulation of the materials I am working with. I am drawn to melancholy and sensory materials, using alot of charcoal in my paper works, and fabrics that emphasise touch and light.

I have undertaken residencies in the UK and Estonia, in airfields, disused buildings, colleges and care homes, making site specific installation, gardens, collaborative works with residents and mixed media works.

In recent years my work has become more personal reflecting transitional times in my life ,such as loss of loved ones and the grief that follows, life trauma, mental struggles and resilience.

I am desperately concerned with environmental impact and am also making works that explore environmental trauma and my impact as an artist and person.

Gill Melling Work

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