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Contact Information Kingsbridge drawing, mixed media, other, painting, sculpture South Hams

Georgina Hart Art Bio

Zimbabwe born, raised in troubled Northern Ireland in the 70’s, attended Hornsey College of Art, London in the 80’s then worked in film and TV in the 90’s before moving to Devon and raising a family on a remote hill farm on Dartmoor. Now with all my kids grown and flown I’ve moved to be closer to the sea and a landscape reminiscent of the Atlantic coast of Ireland where I lived as a child.

I've always been inspired by the drama of raw nature, the power of the elements in wild landscapes and the impact of change in the natural world - wether it be the light at sunrise or the transforming seasons. Attachment to land and nature provides a sense of holding and grounding for me, deflecting tensions and reflecting joy in equal measure. This is somehow depicted with colours, textures, marks, scrapes, smudges and strokes in my art and I'm happy to be exhibiting with Devon Open Studios for the first time.

Georgina Hart Art Work