Ella Bell

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ellabelltattoo@gmail.com http://www.ellabelltattoo.com Totnes ceramics, drawing, other, painting, printmaking South Hams

Ella Bell Bio

I am a tattooist based at Botanica, a private studio I co-own in Exeter. Outside of work I enjoy painting, printmaking and ceramics.

My tattooing is focused on botanical, illustrative and ornamental imagery, and I work with black and grey inks, and precise fine liners.

In contrast I absolutely love using lots of wobbly colour in my acrylic paintings, going bright and bold! I also enjoy working with watercolours.

Recently I have taken up ceramics, focussing on hand built and functional pieces with lots of space for surface decoration.

I have an online shop where I sell prints and occasionally my paintings and ceramics. For tattoos, my books are always open, and I am also happy to chat about painting commissions 🙂

Ella Bell Work