Deanne Hembry

Contact Information Ivybridge mixed media, painting South Hams

Deanne Hembry Bio

I am the face behind Beautifully Acrylic and i would describe myself as a modern abstract and mixed media artist. I only started painting last year....(if i am being totally honest, i put off trying it through fear of not being very good!) but since picking up that paintbrush, I haven't stopped painting! I love using bright colours, a variety of textures and i love trying out new techniques!

I am trying to establish myself as a professional artist and getting my work out there! Fluid Spin Artist, Callen Schaub, once said 'The World needs more Colour' and i totally agree! I am making it my mission to fill the world with colour and positivity (and rainbows!!)

I believe Art is great for the soul and i think everyone should be encouraged to give it a try!

Deanne Hembry Work