Dawn Brimicombe

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info@dawnbrimicombe.com http://www.dawnbrimicombe.com Lyme regis ceramics, gallery, mixed media, other, painting, paper, photography, sculpture, wood East Devon

Dawn Brimicombe Bio

I am inspired by the natural world, the sea, organic formations, colour line and texture. For over sixteen years I have explored and experimented with encaustic wax and mixed media including clay and porcelain. Wax flows in its molten state making it a challenging and exciting medium to work with. I am particularly drawn to the sea and constantly inspired by the Jurassic coastline, I love to travel , Australia, Iceland and Cornwall being a few of my favourite places. I will be starting new workshops from my garden studio commencing in Mid May 2023, I’d love to hear from you, please visit my website for further details or send an email, thank you .

Dawn Brimicombe Work