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davekingsculpt@live.co.uk http://theshippongallery.com/dave-king-profile

Hook Farm, Chardstock, EX13 7DD

Axminster ceramics, drawing, gallery, sculpture East Devon

Dave King Bio

I work principally on sculpture and drawings in my East Devon studio. Ideas, essentially creative metaphors, have developed over many years and have expanded a lexicon of personal imagery. Variations of the ‘longhouse’, ‘villas’ and ‘palaces’ are seen primarily as dwelling places of the mind. They become a form of Bluebeard’s Castle, out of and around which various accretions and interactions play. The sculptures have grown from mixed influences ranging from Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space to the Chinese Circus by way of Schubert’s Winterreise, Courbet’s perception of the roofs of Paris, Jungian psychology and, more recently, personal experience of a successful kidney transplant.
I’ve also had opportunities to make large works for outdoor public spaces. The permanent sculpture Shadowplay, for a major redevelopment at East India Docks in East London, memorialised the past working life of the site. Other short-lived pieces, lasting for a year or more, were built for sites as diverse as Millwall Inner Docks in London, Socrates Sculpture Park in New York (later moved to William Paterson University in New Jersey), a rural setting in West Cork and a large traffic roundabout in St Louis, Missouri.

From the Cass Sculpture Foundation website:

“The house motif, and rooftops in particular, recur frequently in his mixed media sculptures. Architectural elements are used for the messages or stories they can convey. Rooftops may support a dancing figure, a boulder or plates and bowls – simple domestic appliances that reflect information about the interior – but it is the other strange forms that test the viewer. Wood, found objects and metals in all manner of construction techniques give a rich flavour to King’s work. Some are painted, others exist in their raw state, but all are finished with skill and precision.”

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