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My previous work was in life drawing/painting and portrait where I studied at the University of Sunderland and graduated in 2002 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.

My recent work involves starting to paint outside and immersing myself in the landscape to capture the true essence of a scene. However, the first painting is just the beginning as I do a series of scenes. The next stage is about experimenting with colour and the final painting is to capture the feeling in a more free and abstract way. My chosen pallet of colours relates to the unforgettable array of primary pastel shades seen on the cottages surrounding the harbour of Brixham. The first is how I perceive a visitor may feel when first viewing Brixham as if it were a picture-perfect postcard. As the process develops and I too develop more of a connection with a scene, it is here a deeper feeling evokes in my work. The following painting represents a door leading to my imagination, a projection and burst of colours of how I experience Brixham. Just like my therapeutic work as a Counsellor, painting is a journey of discovery.

My art is my passion, love, and work but most importantly my self-care. As a school counsellor and in my private practice where I support young people and adults I feel it is important to allow a person to express themselves in whatever way they choose, whether it be through words or creatively. I believe to reach the feeling of acceptance and calm is about purpose and to achieve purpose we need balance. Consequently, balance supports us in achieving our full potential which I continue to strive for in my life. To be a good enough mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend and counsellor. I can only really achieve this with the right balance by working on my self-care and self-care is my art.

I have also just began working on capturing man-made and the natural world at its best, however sometimes capturing the devastating effects when the balance tips and it having the opposite effect by destroying our beautiful planet. This is something I feel deeply upset about and affects me greatly.

‘Balance is the perfect harmony!’

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