Christina Bonnett

Contact Information Chulmleigh mixed media, painting, printmaking North Devon

Christina Bonnett Bio

Christina makes paintings in watercolour, oil and acrylic.
She also makes original prints, illustrates books and paints murals.
Her many subjects include life studies, landscapes, still life and animals created in various styles to achieve striking artworks.

Artist Statement:
"I have been passionate about painting and drawing ever since I can remember. It's where I start when I am gardening or making practical objects.
My immediate surroundings and their population are always exciting to me, in the countryside, towns, in buildings I visit and at home. They inspire me to draw, paint and learn more, inventing and trying different versions.
I enjoy using different materials and trying different styles is absorbing, often starting with a detailed drawing or sketch and moving on to a figurative painting, sometimes diving straight in to an abstract painting."

Christina has made a new Gallery section for Gifts with selection of art images printed to order on clothes, accessories and household items.

Images in the gallery below are here to provide an overview of paintings and may be details from larger artworks.

Christina's work is in private collections in London, and around the UK, and as far as New York, Houston, Sydney, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona and more.
Her artwork may be available framed and many are available as prints.

Christina Bonnett Work