Cheryll Kinsley Potter

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Cheryll Kinsley Potter Bio

Born 1950, painted all my life. I did my Foundation at Northwich School of Art, Cheshire 1966 to
68 and then to St Martins School of Art, London for my Diploma in Art and Design 1968 to 71.
31 years in London, 12 years in Connemara, Ireland, 6 years in Toulon, South of France and 6 years
in Devon. In Ireland I ran a small private art school where I taught Oil painting and Watercolour to
mature and young pupils, whilst continuing my own practise as a painter of portraits, landscapes
and trees
Iconography is a relatively new departure, I have been writing Icons for 22 years and giving
workshops for 15 years.
I have had many commissions for Icons, including one from Dr Rowan Williams, former
Archbishop of Canterbury. He commissioned an icon of Mary Magdalene for Magdalene College
Chapel, Cambridge where he was the master.
As Iconography is a sacred subject and not mainstream it is nonetheless an ancient and timeless
process which I am hoping to merge into the rest of my practise as an artist.

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