Cherry Lyons

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Cherry Lyons Bio

An experimental and adventurous artist, working confidently with favourite medium of watercolours plus acrylics, oils, pastels, printmaking and the ancient art of encaustic wax used decoratively for over 2000 years. A challenging medium - many layers of molten pigmented wax are fused together using extreme heat. Outcomes are uniquely characterised by luminous, translucent layers of colour and can incorporate found materials, creating rich textures and a mysterious depth of imagery. To support my painting, I love making hand-made books for sketching and as gifts.
Passionate about making and sharing art, nature in all its glory provides endless opportunities. In her garden studio the fun begins where ideas are given life. Resembling a science lab when working with wax, blow torch in-hand, she looks like an extra from a Star Wars movie!
Keenly exhibiting, she has also taken part in Sky Landscape Artist of the Year, a finalist for Devon Life Landscape Painter of the Year and a member of several art groups.

Cherry Lyons Work